Irrational Fears

What Scares You?

I Don't scare Easily

Written By: Amanda Luciano

Do you ever see something out of the corner of your eye but when you check there is nothing there?

I do and I'm pretty sure it's following me.

Some people describe it as seeing the "shadow people". Some people say its your peripheral vision distorting objects that are already there or tricks of light.

I'm inclined to think it's the first option. I understand that might sound crazy but I swear, I am not crazy.

I am not easily scared, my Dad started taking me to horror movies when I was eleven years old and we always laughed at them. Haunted houses don't phase me. I never shy away from any of that. However I have been the victim of a few break-ins and its made me extra jumpy when there are strange noises at home. I am usually able to just take a lap around the place and write it off.

Last night I heard something while I was sitting in bed, getting ready to call it a night. I had just put my phone on to charge and set my alarms and it sounded like the stairs creaked. This happens a lot because the cats like to romp around in the evening but this sounded too loud to be them. I grabbed my glasses from my night stand and walked toward the hallway.

I flipped the light switch but there was no light. I hated this hallway, if the light switches weren't arranged in the right way then the light wouldn't turn on (there are multiple switches that turn the hall light on). Annoyed, I walked blindly down the hall feeling the wall for the next set of light switches that would grant me some visibility. I must have been moving too carelessly because I tripped over what i assumed was one of my cats.

I managed to catch myself before falling as my hand was already lightly on the wall. Another step and I was able to flip on the light. As I did I noticed my cats sitting at the end of the hallway. Confused, I started to turn around when I saw something in the corner of my eye. It looked like a person, I think. As I spun around I didn't see anything.

Hmph. Weird.

I looked back at the cats and asked jokingly if they saw anything and then made my way back to my bedroom.

I closed the door behind me and sat on the corner of the bed, I decided to pick up my phone to browse the internet for a minute until I drifted off and then again. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something, something dark. When I looked there was nothing there. I decided to write it off to being tired or something and continued on reading a story about development on a new video game I was interested in.

And again, I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye but refused to look this time.

After about twenty or so minutes of looking at the same social media posts I had seen all day I decided I would give up on the internet for the night. I set my phone on my nightstand and pulled my blanket up from the corner of the bed. As I leaned forward to grab my blanket I made eye contact with it. Her. It. I don't know.

I was staring into two large yellow eyes and she was completely dark. Her hair seemed to wisp into the air like smoke and she was hunched over on the floor in front of my bed. I was frozen. What was I looking at?

I turned to open the top drawer of my nightstand, where I kept a small knife. I looked away only for a moment and she was gone.

I jumped out of bed and ran around the front of it but there was nothing there. Nothing.

I had just seen her and there was no trace of anything. I checked the edge of the bed thinking she must have left behind something but there was nothing. No proof, no evidence, nothing. I stood there staring wildly trying to catch my breath. I could feel my heart beat in my throat and my head was spinning.

I started looking into it online, apparently some people believe in these shadow people. I need to find out more. I don't know if that's what she is but I am sure that I am scared.

I don't get scared easily.

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