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The Irrational Fears Podcast has had the privilege of working with many upcoming, very talented authors as well as many well-established authors from across the world. A few of those amazing people have offered to lend their immense talent to The Irrational Fears Project. In the coming months, these authors will be bringing exclusive content to The Irrational Fears Project as well as collaborating with us on future projects! We are humbled and extremely excited to have them along for the ride! Be sure to click through their images for more info about them and their amazing previous works!

Mikey Knutson


Mikey Knutson is a writer based out of Cleveland, Ohio. He has a preference for all things horror and suspense, although his writings also dip into other areas such as science fiction and dirty realism. Currently, Mikey is working on his first novel tentatively titled "The Rainbows That Die," a story following a woman's struggles after the loss of a loved one. Aside from writing, Mikey likes to spend his time going on adventures with his son and playing guitar and bass in his band. 

Michael Marks


Hi, I'm Michael Marks, also known as deadnspread on reddit's nosleep. I enjoy long walks on the beach with new friends and then leaving those new friends in several trash bags underneath the boardwalk. It's where the magic happens after all. My goal in life is to tingle your spine, scramble your skull, and spoop your soup...okay maybe not that last one. I hope you enjoy my dreadful tales of dread and stuff.


J.J. Kincaid


Ms. Kincaid hails from the spookiest area in the fifty states, the Pacific Northwest. Drawn to the darkness since her hatching, she loves forays into the wild and weird - be it reading leather bound tomes, playing with cursed video games and ouija boards, casting spells, or visiting haunted attractions.

Known to her good friends as "I'm sorry, who?" Ms. Kincaid spends her entire year gearing up for October. When she’s not doing her day job as a pediatric medical assistant, she’s being a total geek, absorbing various books, movies and shows. She's definitely a cat person, in case that wasn't abundantly clear, and she may or may not be a witch, on occasion. When the moon is right.

Also known by her many Reddit usernames, Ms. Kincaid got her start on when she penned what is collectively termed "The Mold Series." An avid writer of various genres, she's eager to see what other horrific atrocities will spring from her head.

Elias Witherow


Elias lives in New England and can usually be found writing in front of his computer, wondering if this time he’s gone too far. When he’s not writing, it’s usually because he’s snuck away to salvage whatever excuse for a social life he currently has on life support. He believes the horror genre has grown stale and is doing his best to breathe new life into it, one story at a time.


Find him on Twitter @eliaswitherow


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